Optimizing the Value of Your CMMS

Every organization that operates and maintains a portfolio of buildings always strive to maximize asset reliability and energy efficiency while continuing to effectively manage labor and material costs. One tool that most organizations attempt to leverage in this effort is the ubiquitous computerized maintenance management software (CMMS). Many organizations are frustrated with the performance of their CMMS – the reports generated aren’t accurate, the maintenance techs see no value in the CMMS, true costs aren’t tracked accurately, data is in the system but unreliable, and the CMMS is just too “clunky.” The problem may not be the CMMS, but rather the quality of information loaded into the CMMS. The goal of this webinar is to provide useful information and guidance to help CMMS users get more out of their existing CMMS without replacing it.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Learn about basic features of CMMS applications that can be leveraged to further support work order management, capital planning, AND the provision of authoritative technical information for maintenance techs technicians;
  2. Learn about best practices for asset management including unique identifier, label, asset inventory, data collection, and asset categorization strategies;
  3. Review effective asset onboarding processes organizations can use for existing AND new buildings to get the right information uploaded into the CMMS;
  4. Why preventive maintenance (PM) programming is still a necessary part of asset management, the importance of technical proficiency in PM steps, and perspectives on PM program development and deployment.