Facilities Asset Management Realized

BMOC gets physical “asset management” out of academia and into action, leveraging your CMMS / EAMS / IWMS, so you can control costs and add value to your organization’s mission.

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What We Do

BMOC is a facilities management (FM) consulting firm supporting FM organizations that manage portfolios of buildings for their full life cycles. Such organizations include institutions of higher education, K-12, hospitals, government, and corporations. We promote data-driven decision making in the FM industry through the enhancement of CMMS content including asset, preventive / predictive maintenance, OEM, installation, and design data.


We are a professional services company, not a software company. We understand CMMS applications and it is our mission to help the facilities management organization get the most out of their CMMS within their available resources; thus the term “Optimization” in our company name. We are CMMS content providers.

Asset Management

Sound facilities asset management starts with knowing what you have in your buildings at the technical, management, and administrative levels of your facilities organization. Before we arrive onsite to perform the physical asset inventory, we review construction plans to familiarize ourselves with the buildings and to prepopulate the asset model.  While onsite, we work with your maintenance technical leads and CMMS / EAMS / IWMS administrators, and physically inventory the assets that you maintain in your buildings. Using trained staff and best practice methodologies, we collect and compile pertinent location, parts, replacement / renewal, design, and capacity data related to your physical assets.


Asset data is the foundation of data-driven facilities management operations. The difficulty in acquiring asset data is why we are not yet data-driven, even in the information age. It is a rampant problem in facilities. BMOC services are designed to help facilities management get the most out of legacy or newly implemented CMMS / EAMS / IWMS applications. These software applications are typically utilized to approximately 46% of their functionality across the facilities management industry. This is because asset data is inconsistent, incomplete, confusing, inaccurate, and poorly formed. It fails to support the organization in closing out work orders with asset appended. Most CMMS / EAMS / IWMS are utilized merely as a time keeping system. BMOC will help you realize the full value of your system. If you are planning to move to a new system, consider leveraging BMOC’s expertise to help you build a strong asset data foundation for the new CMMS PRIOR to the purchase. Select a new CMMS based on the assets you currently have so the new CMMS fits your asset data rather than the other way around – avoid the “tail wagging the dog syndrome."

Preventive Maintenance

BMOC develops precise, scalable, and effective best practice preventive maintenance procedures for your assets and loads them into your CMMS / EAMS / IWMS for efficient proactive maintenance work order planning and scheduling. Preventive maintenance (includes routine, preventive, predictive, and compliance / regulatory maintenance) is a crucial starting point for any reliability-centered maintenance approach. Preventive maintenance helps get your out-of-control assets requiring inordinate corrective maintenance work order counts back into control. Reduce maintenance costs, increase asset reliability and uptime, optimize energy consumption, extend asset useful life, satisfy of regulatory requirements, and make your technical staff more efficient while simultaneously building morale and creating a better work environment with BMOC.

New Construction Turnover

New construction turnover is persistently a challenge for facilities management organizations even with technologies like BIM and project information systems. Buildings get built without a clear direction from high-level leadership on the value it is expected to provide the organization. All focus is on building the building. Once it is built, the assumption is that it is new, under warranty, and easy as pie. Facilities is left to learn about the building on short order, meanwhile waiting years for asset data from the design / construction team, and losing data by the minute while contractors avoid doing warranty work and get away with it. BMOC solves this problem cheaply, quickly, and visibly. We even have a team that will consult proactively with custodial, grounds, and building occupants to create a better turnover.

Who Do We Serve

BMOC supports facilities management, capital projects / architecture, engineering, and construction management, CMMS / EAMS / IWMS developers, general contractors, commissioning agents, and facilities program managers for organizations and institutions in the corporate, higher education, K-12, county government, municipal government, and hospital markets. Ultimately, any organization involved with maintaining a building portfolio for its foreseeable life cycle is who we serve.

We apply our services to new construction and existing building portfolios. We can work in single structures or cover high quantities of enclosed gross square footage during our projects. We also have services designed specifically for accredited hospitals and healthcare environments.

Existing Buildings
Green Buildings
Accredited Buildings
New Construction

Preventive Maintenance Procedures for the Facilities Portfolio

Get the tools that you need to help take your Preventive Maintenance program to the next level, including:

Preventive Maintenance Procedures For the Facilities Portfolio
  • Routine, Preventive, Predictive, and Compliance Procedures
  • Optimized for technical accuracy and scalability
  • Preventive maintenance tasks included for practical asset assemblies and systems
  • Applicable for assets supporting buildings of any size and complexity
  • Ready for deployment in CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System)
  • Wrench time planning estimates
  • Trade recommendations
  • Special tools and consumables requirements
  • Recordable measurements identified for condition-based monitoring
  • Commentary on strategic asset management program and deployment strategy
Preventive Maintenance Procedures For the Facilities Portfolio

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